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Intertech Industrial Automation Controls Services

Intertech Incorporated is an engineering firm that designs, modifies, builds and maintains industrial automation systems. In addition, Intertech provides maintenance and support services for automation systems installed in industrial, mining, manufacturing, wood and food processing facilities as well as municipal water and waste water utilities.  Each industry or utility uses unique combinations and applications of programmable logic controllers (PLCs), programmable automation controllers (PACs) and operator interfaces.

Intertech uses the knowledge, experience and insights gained through our engineering services, to provide additional relevance and applicability, to the material and knowledge, shared during our technical education courses.

Intertech offers a variety of engineering services for your facility, an annual technical support agreement with pre-paid phone support, individual call support, remote access and onsite technical assistance. We offer support that allows customers to focus on their core businesses.



It's more than just PLC training.

Intertech provides basic, intermediate, and advanced education courses for Allen-Bradley, Eaton, and Modicon PLCs (programmable logic controllers) to technicians, engineers, supervisors, and distributors in automated industries throughout North America. Our success comes from decades of experience in the industrial automation field, as well as the feedback received from companies committed to the highest quality services available.

Intertech is respected industry-wide for its:
• Experienced and knowledgeable instructors
• Fundamental PLC courses available every month
• Customized course content
• Convenient onsite delivery and flexible scheduling
• Relevant hands-on labs using actual PLC programs
• Excellent course manuals for students to keep and use

Skilled help at every turn.

Intertech can help you and your company reduce downtime, increase productivity and efficiency, improve quality, ensure a safe work environment, and manage energy use.

Our engineers will come to your facility and assist with:
• Troubleshooting PLC systems
• Integrating multiple-vendor control systems and networks
• Identifying and solving software logic
• Performing hardware or software conversions and upgrades
• Interfacing automation systems with information systems
• Providing or enhancing maintenance and support plans

Our engineers have the insight, intellect, and competence that comes with 20+ years of work in automation systems. That sets us apart and, ultimately, makes us better than the others.

Powerful assistance.

Intertech’s product support service includes objective assistance and solutions. Not just at the start of your project, but throughout application development and testing. Our assistance includes maintaining technical relationships with your engineering groups, enabling software tools, and communicating new technical requirements. It's powerful support from top people who are experts in industrial automation.

Intertech works with leading vendors of factory automation,
information, and control products:
• Industrial Computers, Programmable Controllers, and Hardware
• HMI/SCADA Software
• Networks and Communications
• Universal Simulator & Test Panels
• Manuals

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