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What Industry Leaders Are Saying About Intertech

"Very good class. I am excited to come back for more."
R.Y., Simplot Phosphates
"Awesome! Brad is a Great Instructor and customized the course as needed."
T.K., Hermiston Generating Co.

"I have taken three other courses on PLCs from Siemens, Allen-Bradley, and GE, and those classes don't compare to this one. Thanks for the info and the quality of learning."

—M. G., Lebanon Lumber - Weyerhaeuser Co.

"The class was very relevant to our needs and extremely well presented. We need the other segments of this series to complete our proficiency training. This would be a boon to the plant and cut the down time immensely."

—W. P., Crown Cork & Seal Co.

"This training showed us existing problems we currently have on the production equipment. I can now immediately address some of our problems and thereby save the company money in avoided down time."

—K. M., Kimberly-Clark Corporation

"Brad [the instructor] knows more about PLCs than I thought existed. He's a great teacher. Relaxed atmosphere. The teacher-to-student ratio was pretty good. I never had to raise my hand to ask a question. I'll be back as soon as my employer will let me. It's a great place to learn. Thanks!"

—G. W., Selmet Inc.

Very much enjoyed the course. One of the few where I left each day feeling mentally drained (a good thing!) I appreciated not wasting time with the "What is a PLC?" type lecture. Will recommend course to supervisor and training director and pass on that Intertech is a high quality operation."

—T. S., PG&E Gas Transmission Northwest
"Very well planned course material, good instruction, the patience with questions enabled students to enter in to the subject as deeply as possible. We were able to use our own problems to evaluate the structure of the program tarp & folders. The explanation of network topology was helpful. And using a third-party instructor is a good idea, especially from a company who is doing the work in the field when they aren't teaching."
—J. W., Eugene Water & Electric Board
"Enjoyed the hands-on labs to actually use the equipment."
—C. F., Bonneville Power Administration

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