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Intertech Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Intermediate II Programming & Troubleshooting

  LENGTH Four days (32 hours) of professional PLC training
LOCATION At or near your facility, or at Intertech's offices in Corvallis, Oregon
AVAILABILITY See the online course schedule or call (800) 248-0988
TIMES 8:00 am to 5:00 pm or customized to fit your work schedule
TUITION Call Intertech for a quote
CREDITS Please contact us to verify continuing education credits for your state.
Industry-related / non-code and code-related credits (ID, MT, ND, NE, OR, SD, UT, WA, WY)
PREREQUISITES Intertech A-B ControlLogix Intermediate I Programming & Troubleshooting course or instructor approval

Intertech ControlLogix Education Manual
Hands-on lab exercises relating to your facility's operations


Allen-Bradley Logix PLCs
Intertech Universal Simulator/Test Panel

SOFTWARE RSLogix-5000 / Studio-5000 Logix Designer


The Intermediate I course explored the Compare, Compute, Data Conversion, File Manipulation, and Message instructions. The Intermediate II course continues the investigation of the File Manipulation and introduces the Bit manipulation instructions. Programs using these instructions include data gathering, calculations, date and time stamping, shift reports, data concentration, totalizing, averaging, etc.

The Intermediate II course further develops the skills necessary to trace the flow of word information into, through, and out of logic programs using the word and file manipulation instructions. This additional programming knowledge provides the ability to comprehend and troubleshoot detailed control circuits. In addition, the system status and diagnostic data access instructions (SSV, GSV) are further explored and used to help diagnose and solve in-plant control problems more quickly.

Refresh knowledge of the major functional components of the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix programmable control system as it relates to your facility’s installation.
Discuss design considerations for system architecture and communication system layout.
Refresh knowledge of the memory layout and configuration of the Logix (ControlLogix) processor, including tags, data types, tasks, programs, and routines.
Develop a thorough understanding of the uses of and applications for User Defined Data Types.
Re-examine differences and capabilities of Local, Universal Remote, DeviceNet, ControlNet, and Ethernet I/O systems.
Refresh knowledge of the Contact, Coil, Timer, Counter, Comparison, Math, and Data Conversion instructions.
Further explore and test the functionality of the File Manipulation and Message instructions.
Introduce the Bit Manipulation instructions.
Read and write information on a communication network using the Message instruction and Produced/Consumed tags.
Access and manipulate processor status and configuration information with the Get System Value (GSV) and the Set System Value (SSV) instructions.
Create methods to test programs, develop traps, and follow the flow of information through a series of instructions.
Develop advanced troubleshooting skills, learn to gather clues to help eliminate non-problem spots, and draw attention to possible problem areas.
Use the programming software as a diagnostic and troubleshooting tool.
Develop a thorough understanding of, and the safety issues related to, Forcing in the Logix (ControlLogix) PLCs.
Discuss appropriate safety issues. (Is the circuit really off??)

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