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Intertech Fundamentals of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

LENGTH One to three days of professional PLC training
LOCATION At or near your facility, or at Intertech's offices in Corvallis, Oregon
AVAILABILITY See the online course schedule or call (800) 248-0988
TIMES 8:00 am to 5:00 pm or customized to fit your work schedule
TUITION Call Intertech for a quote



The Fundamentals of Programmable Logic Controllers course is designed to acquaint you with a basic understanding of the functionality of the programmable controller. The course will define the major components of the programmable controller, what they do, and how they work together to solve control problems.

Provide a brief history of the programmable controller with an appreciation for the problems that provided incentive to the development of the first modular digital controller.
Discuss in general terms where programmable controllers are used and what major benefits accrue from their use.
Build a model of the programmable controller and its basic components. Learn how they are interconnected and communicate with each other.
Define the programmable controller as a series of modular components that are interconnected through a hardware and software configuration.
Define system addressing as it relates to system hardware, software, and real world devices.
Review the types of input/output devices and their functions.
Define system diagnostic indicators and input/output status indicators.
Define the various communication interfaces including the programming interface, host computer, operator's panels, video display panels, printers, etc.
Develop a control problem. Demonstrate the steps involved in implementing this control strategy.
Create a hypothetical factory with several control centers. Discuss the various layers of control within the factory and discuss communication strategies within the factory.
Demonstrate the ability of the programming panel to monitor system functions in the programmable controller.
Demonstrate appropriate safety. Is "OFF" really "OFF"?

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