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Intertech Modicon Quantum/984 PLC Advanced Programming & Troubleshooting

LENGTH Four days (32 hours) of professional PLC training
LOCATION At or near your facility, or at Intertech's offices in Corvallis, Oregon
AVAILABILITY See the online course schedule or call (800) 248-0988
TIMES 8:00 am to 5:00 pm or customized to fit your work schedule
TUITION Call Intertech for a quote
CREDITS Please contact us to verify continuing education credits for your state.
Industry-related / non-code and code-related credits (ID, MT, ND, NE, OR, SD, UT, WA, WY)
PREREQUISITES Intertech Modicon Intermediate II Programming & Troubleshooting course or instructor approval

Intertech Modicon Quantum Education Manual or
Intertech Modicon 984 Education Manual
Hands-on lab exercises relating to your facility's operations


Modicon Quantum/984 Programmable Logic Controllers
Intertech Universal Simulator/Test Panel



Develop your understanding of the advanced functionality of the Modicon programmable controller as it applies to the maintenance technician and plant engineering personnel.

Carefully selected lab projects are designed to develop and test your skills. This course offers insights into new and better ways to apply your Modicon control system as a troubleshooting and diagnostic tool. You will learn to trace the flow of control signals into the control system, through the user logic, and out to the output device. This knowledge will provide you the basis from which to comprehend complicated control circuits, use the system diagnostics more competently, diagnose and solve in-plant control problems more quickly.

Review of the major functional components of the Modicon programmable controller system.
Review relays, timers, counters, and calculate function blocks.
Explore and test the functionality of the calculate, move, matrix, PID, and read/write function blocks as they apply to your system.
Apply function blocks to create and test your own programs in extensive hands-on lab sessions designed to stimulate a logical approach to problem solving.
Develop methods to test programs, develop traps, and to follow the flow of information through a series of functional blocks.
Provide labs to test your understanding of your plant's control system.
Process Control Functional Language (PCFL) functions, there application and content.
Determine if the problem is the hardware, software, or field device.
Develop troubleshooting skills for gathering clues to help eliminate non-problem spots, and draw attention to possible problem spots.
Network Equation Editor function and look at what the future holds for programming that next application.

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