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Intertech Modicon Modbus Plus Local Area Network

LENGTH Four days (32 hours) of professional PLC training
LOCATION At or near your facility, or at Intertech's offices in Corvallis, Oregon
AVAILABILITY See the online course schedule or call (800) 248-0988
TIMES 8:00 am to 5:00 pm or customized to fit your work schedule
TUITION Call Intertech for a quote
CREDITS Please contact us to verify continuing education credits for your state.
Industry-related / non-code and code-related credits (ID, MT, ND, NE, OR, SD, UT, WA, WY)

Intertech Modicon Modbus Education Manual
Hands-on lab exercises relating to your facility's operations


Modicon Quantum/984 Programmable Logic Controllers
Intertech Universal Simulator/Test Panel



This course provides you with a working knowledge of Modicon's Modbus Plus Local Area Network (LAN). Modbus Plus is a proprietary communication network designed to permit high-speed, peer-to-peer communication between a variety of control and/or monitoring devices called network nodes. Nodes may include Modicon programmable controllers, host computers equipped with an appropriate hardware and software interface, PC based programming software, PC based network manager or file servers software, and other Modbus and Modbus Plus compatible devices.

This course will provide a hands-on opportunity for you to lay out, configure, implement, test, and troubleshoot all three levels of Modbus Plus communication.

Define a Modbus Plus Local Area Network. Understand how it works and why to use it.
Define communications terms: node, peer-to-peer, global, peer cop, etc.
Develop a system block diagram for a typical Modbus Plus system.
Learn how information is exchanged between nodes and the token.
Learn how information is exchanged between nodes and the token.
Understand the functionality of the major system components: BR85 Repeater, BP85 Bridge Plus, and BM85 Bridge Multiplexer, SA85 personal computer interface card, and your 984 controller with Modbus Plus port.
Install Modbus Plus Network software and understand how the software works and what the software does for your system (hints on avoiding pitfalls).
Understand proper cable and connector installation techniques and learn about potential routing and environmental problems.
Read and write information between nodes, both globally and between networks.
Learn how to communicate between Modbus and Modbus Plus networks.
Develop strategies for documenting network hardware and data communications.
Determine system throughput, predict token rotation and response time, group nodes to improve throughput, prioritize data transmissions, etc.
Generate ideas on optimizing system communications on the network, i.e., throughput.

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