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Frequently Asked Questions

I am not sure of my employees' skill levels. Can you assist me in assessing the skills of my employees so I can develop an appropriate PLC training plan?

Intertech provides skills assessment tests that can help you determine which courses are appropriate for your employees. We also test students upon completion of a course to demonstrate that they meet the performance objectives of the education program.

How many students do I need to have for an onsite course?

The maximum class size is eight (8) students. Many of our clients find that with as few as four students, onsite delivery is more economical than sending students offsite for education.

What type of room and what supplies do I need to provide for an onsite education program?

A room with adequate seating and tables for the students is all that is required. Unless specialized equipment is needed, Intertech will transport our complete education lab to your facility, including hands-on training equipment, computers, controls software, audiovisual equipment, and all necessary classroom materials.

How do you customize your training programs to meet my requirements?

The first step in this process is to have you review a detailed outline of our course and let us know the critical topic areas for your manufacturing applications. We will produce a customized course outline that addresses your specific needs. Additionally, we can incorporate examples from your control programs and applications into the coverage of these topics.

What type of payment is required to order an onsite class or to enroll a student at the Corvallis Education Center?

Only a purchase order is needed to confirm enrollment or to order onsite education services. Tuition is due before the first day of class. Intertech will invoice for travel, equipment shipping, and living expenses for the instructor shortly after completion of the class. If there is a possibility of more than eight students for the onsite option, please contact us to discuss additional costs.

How do I make hotel arrangements for employees that I am sending to the Corvallis Education Center?

Intertech has negotiated special discounted rates with three of the best hotels near our Education Center in Corvallis; each with complimentary high-speed Internet access. Lodging costs are very reasonable, which is one of the reasons we chose Corvallis, Oregon as the location of our headquarters and Education Center. For more information about Corvallis lodging, restaurants, and other travel information, please click here.

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